Innovation and Development Accelerator (IDA)


The Innovation and Development Accelerator (IDA) is established under the Office of Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research Innovation and Development as a vehicle to drive Innovation development, stimulate start up through taking advantage of the value chain under product development.


The IDA will achieve its objectives by first tackling fundamental issues as listed below : 

1. Assess and benchmark regionally and internationally to establish IDA.

2. Establish priority research programmes.

3. Create a framework for competence development (human and infrastructure) – Enabling Plan. 

4. Strategy for nurturing stakeholder relations for Product Development Partnerships (PDPs).

5. Create legal certainty – inspiring environment, researchers must focus on research.       

Innovation Acceleration and Business Growth Services

Provides UNAM spin off companies access to mentorship, investors and other support that helps them become stable, self-sufficient businesses. Start-up businesses that use business accelerator have typically moved beyond the earliest stages of getting established in the UNAM business incubator.

Priority Research Programs

1. Green Hydrogen Research Institute

2. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

3. Agriculture and Food Security

4. Society, lifestyle, and health programme

5. Learning and technology programme

6. Indigenous knowledge system programme

7. Education

8. Natural sciences

9. Engineering and ICT 

10. National self-sustainability and agro-processing programme