UNAM is home to some of the best researchers on the continent. The University focuses on topics that impact the country, the region and the globe. We foster collaborations with researchers and institutions around the globe.

UNAM continues to grow as a innovative and resourceful university. It has library resources, 4 faculties, 12 campuses, 2 dedicated research centres, approximately 32 000 students and 2500 staff members.

Faculty and Research Units

1. Faculty of Agriculture, Engineering and Natural Sciences

2. Faculty of Commerce, Management and Law

3. Faculty of Education and Human Sciences

4. Faculty of Health Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

5. Multidisciplinary Research

6. Sam Nujoma Marine Resources and Research Centre (SANUMRC)


Priority Research Programs

1. Green Hydrogen Research Institute

2. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

3. Agriculture and Food Security

4. Society, lifestyle, and health programme

5. Learning and technology programme

6. Indigenous knowledge system programme

7. Education

8. Natural sciences

9. Engineering and ICT 

10. National self-sustainability and agro-processing programme



Ethical Clearance

UNAM requires ethical clearance for all research work conducted at or on behalf of the University. Ethical Clearance applications can be submitted to the relevant Decentralized Ethics Committee at School/Campus/Centre level for no to moderate risk or at the University Research Ethics Committee for significant risk research.


Applying for Ethical clearance

All ethical clearance applications are now done online. Before applying, please read the guidelines.

Take note that feedback will be given to applicants within 14 days of the Decentralized Ethics Committee meeting. Find out the next meeting of your DEC here. Lastly, make use of the checklist to make sure you upload all the necessary documents!


To find out the status of your applications click the button above.

DEC chairpersons give feedback here.

Contact our ethics coordinators for assistance

Before contacting the ethics coordinators consider looking at one of our helpful video tutorials:

If these do not solve your issue, appointments can be made for Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 to 12:00 with our coordinators. Contacts below.

Name: Dr. Erica Libuku

Name: Dr. Iwanette Du Preez


RID facilitates related research, innovation and commercialization of services across UNAM through a number of functions