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The mission of Postgraduate Support Services is to promote excellence amongst postgraduate staff and students through responsive teaching, postgraduate studies research and supervision, scholarship, and instructional pastoral support.
Postgraduate support services has the mandate to coordinate the University of Namibia’s Postgraduate Programmes in a manner that uniform quality control regulations and procedures are strictly adhered to and high academic standards are maintained. In addition to providing postgraduate students with high quality academic, ICT, psychosocial and social-emotional support services, the Unit is mandated to build capacity for the expression of excellence in teaching, student research supervision and innovation amongst postgraduate staff.

Roles and Responsibilities for Postgraduate Support Services:

  •  Review all new and existing postgraduate programmes offered either by the University of Namibia or through the University of Namibia;
  •  Provide academic support services to postgraduate students such as those of study programme information dissemination, supervision, academic Counselling and pastoral care, enrolment, registration, examination, compensatory capacity enhancement, postgraduate level
  • ICT empowerment and access to electronic resources for study purposes, postgraduate study resource mobilization and any other services germane to the optimal provision of postgraduate studies.
  • Provide postgraduate students with opportunities to interact and determine their own welfare through the envisaged postgraduate students association and the postgraduate students newsletter;
  • Empower academic staff, through short courses, workshops and seminars, to teach at the postgraduate level, conduct effective student supervision and lead viable collaborative staff/student research teams;
  • Operate administrative and academic structures for applying research ethics in postgraduate training and in the use of human and animal subjects in research conducted by postgraduate students.

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Postgraduate Support Providers

Dr. Armas Shikongo

Head: Postgraduate support services
Tel: +264 61 206 3129

Mr. Angula Nahas Enkono

Coordinator: Postgraduate support services
Tel: +264 61 206 4971

Dr. Frederick Simasiku

Coordinator: Postgraduate training services
Tel: +264 61 206 3111

Faculty Postgraduate Coordinators

Abel Kandjou



Belinda Tjitokote


Tel: +264 61 206 4783

Nicholette Mutenda


Tel: +264 61 206 3093

Rosemary Shilongo


Tel: +264 61 206 4538

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